Monday, 16 November 2015

How ERP for Manufacturing Manages Sales & Supply Chain Management Activities

Since market establishment, manufacturing is considered as the great and largest sector for Indian economy. Day-by-day, industry has grown up and simultaneously companies are finding new ways of managing their enterprises and resources. As, market leaders come to know the advantages of ERP software, they start doing implementation of the same.
Further, in the blog, you will come to know the benefits gained by ERP implementation for all types of manufacturers.
In the past, there were no business solutions for managing business resources which results in profit reduction and improper management. But now, with the assistance of manufacturing ERP software everything in manufacturing industry is possible to be managed easily. Offered ERP system provides flexibility, better reporting and competitive edge to the organizations in this modish era.
Due to ERP implementation, enterprise departments are getting more integrated with each other, hence results in improving business operational efficiency.
In India, market continuous to grow which forces enterprises to implement and install modern software products to achieve constant growth. At present, to become organized & successful in market, enterprises moved towards ERP implementation at their end that has become as beneficial for them.
Sales management with manufacturing software:
In a manufacturing company, product sales matters a lot and it is possible only if enterprise's supply chain processes are running flawlessly. Sales module in this ERP software is designed especially for simplifying sales operations to accommodate product order processing.
Sales management module features: 
* Online order tracking, modification, product entry and complete inquiry
* Automatic or manual assignment of job numbers
* Complete product check at the time of order entry
* Proper sales analysis based on order quantity
* Excellent interfacing with accounts receivable, job cost and bills of materials
* Provides unique payment terms
* It provides online order scheduling, due to direct order entry screen
Role of supply chain management module in manufacturing ERP:
Most of the manufacturing organizations completely rely on optimizing their supply chain processes. Supply chain management system department in an organization is just like a major part due to that a business get expands or enhanced. This module will give you everything needed to control and monitor production & stock activities. 
With this real-time management system, your system will get enhanced and the supply chain can also provide better ways of taking business decisions.

Advantages of supply chain management in manufacturing industry:
* Provides powerful demand forecasting with excellent collaboration
* Ensures multi-site logistics for material dispatch
* Excellent supply sourcing for customer satisfaction
* Proper inventory life cycle management
* Efficient bar code scanning of finished products


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