Friday, 4 August 2017

Explore ERP Scope in Managing Manufacturing Processes In Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is a process of converting raw materials, components or parts into finished goods that meet a customer's expectations or specifications. Manufacturing process begins with the product design and material specifications from which the product is made.

Manufacturing sector is closely connected with engineering and Industrial design.It is required to consistently produce high quality products that can fulfill & meet the commitments and deliver the best products or services to the customers.

To manage all the components of the manufacturing system, every manufacturing unit requires a centralized software which can handle all the components & simultaneously offer the best production system. This can be done with use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, which can controll and manage different areas of the productions along with inventory and other system. ACGIL, one of the expert and accomplished ERP developer in India offers Mx-ERP.

ERP for manufacturers is a versatile and effective ERP system that streamlines all the business processes, providing real-time information. It enhances the productivity by helping users understand the complex operations and improving functions such as production, Order completion and delivery.

Some Modules of Mx-ERP

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Cost & Estimation
Sales Management
Import/Export Management
Project Management
Job Work
Quality Control
Distribution Management
Service Management
Asset Management
Finance & Accounting
HR & Payroll

Key features of our Mx-ERP Solutions:
Demand Forecasting & Planning
Powerful Inventory Management
Promising users for connecting their departments, suppliers and customers
Adopted to support multiple operational activities.
Offers fine integration of procurement, material management, planning, manufacturing and accounting.

Major Components of Manufacturing Process covered by Mx-ERP in Manufacturing Industries

There are some important components in the field of manufacturing that play key role in delivering best products or services.

1. Manufacturing Engineering: It is that discipline of engineering that deals with various manufacturing sciences and practices including the research, design and development of the systems, process, machines, tools and equipment. Here the primary focus is to turn materials into new or updated product in the most economic, efficient and effective way. Mx-ERP handles the entire process of manufacturing.

2, Factory System: It a system which indicates a method of manufacturing using machinery and division of labour. Here production of good and products is carried out with the application of machines & equipment. Mx-ERP draws all information about factory system and save them in one system.

3. Metal Fabrication: It is building of metal structures by cutting, bending & assembly processes. Basically, It involves creation of machines, parts and structures from various raw materials. The details of raw metal materials and their moulding data management.

4. Just-In-Time Manufacturing:Just-In-Time Production is a methodology used to reduce flow times within the production system as well as response time from suppliers and customers both. It assists to control the production and manufacturing process. 

5. Flexible Manufacturing: That type of manufacturing system where there is some amount of flexibility that allows the system to react in case of changes whether predictable or unpredictable. Flexibility can be two types 1.Machine Flexibility & 2.Routing Flexibility.

6. Mass Customization: It is the customization in the marketing, manufacturing and business management processes.Here the aim is to produce goods and services to meet the individual customer's need.

7. Lean manufacturing: It is a systematic method for the waste minimization within a manufacturing system without sacrificing productivity.

8. Mass Production: It refers to production of large amounts of standardized products, including & especially on assembly lines together with job production and batch production.

9. Ownership: Determining the ownership of the products or services or any thing else .It tells about the certain rights and duties over the property.

10. Packaging and Labeling: It is the process of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage,sale and use. It involves process of designing, evaluating and producing packages.It is meants for preparing goods for transport, warehousing, logistic , sale and end use. Mx-ERP stores the all information about warehousing and packaging system within one software system which assists in final delivery of the finished goods to customers. 

11. Putting-Out System: It is that system where work is contracted by a central agent to subcontrator who completes the work in off-site facilities, either in their own homes or in workshop with multiple craftsman.


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